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  • Through our extensive selection– you’ll find vertical
    and inclined wheelchair lifts as well as adjustable stair lifts.

  • Shaft-Less Elevator

    Ask us about the Shaft-Less Duo
    and Shaft-Less Trio elevators

  • Do you need better wheelchair access?

  • Before selecting a residential elevator,
    consider your expectations

  • From entering a building to moving between floors, our
    Apex Wheelchair Lifts present an economical solution.

  • Our two residential dumbwaiters dependably assist with moving
    trays of food, baskets of laundry, and many more items between floors

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Rochester, Syracuse, Utica, Binghamton

Traditional & Contemporary Home Elevators

When stairs turn into a climbing or carrying hindrance and purchasing a new property isn’t financially feasible, installing a home elevator offers an economical solution. Our traditional and contemporary elevators create a pathway that effortlessly carries you from one floor to the next. Along the way, you receive a panoramic view of the interior, or we can custom design a cab according to your specifications.

Before selecting a residential elevator, consider your expectations. Do you need better wheelchair access? Will it need to hold two or more people? Where could it be installed? For these dilemmas and more, Nationwide Lifts’ home elevators meet the need and go beyond.

Stair Lifts & Wheelchair Lifts

Nationwide Lifts has economical and space-conscious homeowners in mind with our selection of wheelchair lifts and stair lifts. Space-saving mobility devices sit just inches away from the wall, all while folding up at each end to avoid creating an obstruction.

Just as users’ characteristics vary, so do our mobility devices. Through our extensive selection, you’ll find vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts, adjustable stair lifts supporting up to 600 pounds, and systems built to handle the unpredictable outdoors. All of our stair lifts are safe and easy to use.


Baskets of laundry, electronics, small furniture, and even trays of food create a potential fall hazard as you move around your Central New York home. Reduce this risk by installing a dumbwaiter.

Quality construction goes into Nationwide Lifts’ Jeeves systems. Commercial-grade rail and trolley systems create the strength needed to dependably move from floor to floor, as clear text prompts and illuminated buttons ensure straightforward operation.

To progress from planning to installing any of Nationwide Lifts’ mobility devices, contact us for a catalog or a quote.

Our Products

Visit our showroom at 6181 Thompson Rd (Syracuse), and take a test drive on a variety of lifts.

Mobility situations vary from person to person, household to household, and business to business. Devices like wheelchairs and scooters, structural considerations, and accessibility requirements create unique needs for each individual, and rather than present Central New York customers with a one-size-fits-all solution, Nationwide Lifts’ wide range of products has a match for your specifications.

Size, customization, and configurations define all of our durable products. As America’s Leader in Home Elevators, we have the Syracuse, Rochester, or Utica homeowner with limited space, the business owner needing to meet ADA requirements, and properties needing improved interior and exterior access all in mind.